Simplify your Atlassian Licencing 

So, you are thinking about moving to Atlassian’s products, and you have found the Atlassian pages with the various products, licence options and huge section of FAQs

When trying to choose Atlassian tool to buy, Jira Software, Jira Core, Jira Service Management, Confluence, or any of the other Atlassian’s suite of tools, it can be easy to only think about the decision of which to buy and not the process of purchasing and managing the licences.  Many don’t realise that buying through an Atlassian Partner rather than directly can bring several benefits.

Here, we will take you through some of the benefits of buying your Atlassian Licences through TribusIT. Before we do that, though – let’s discuss the basics.

What is an Atlassian Licence?

Atlassian sells their products broken down by product, product tier, user/agent count, and deployment. These are essential factors to consider before committing to buying your new licences or renewing your existing ones.

As Atlassian discontinued Jira Server licences in February 2021, there is no longer a perpetual licence option. Licences can now only be purchased monthly (Cloud) or annually (Cloud and Data Center) terms.


Atlassian sells licences for each product. The most popular products from Atlassian are Jira Software, Jira Service Management (formerly Jira Service Desk), Confluence, and Bitbucket.

Product Tier (Cloud Licence)

Atlassian has recently introduced new tiers to their cloud offerings; Free, Standard, Premium and Enterprise. Each tier adds additional features along with a corresponding price increase. You can change tiers at any time if you’re on a monthly plan. Choosing between these can be complicated, especially if you’re not sure which features your team will make use of. TribusIT can help you work out a list of requirements, and the cost-effectiveness of each Atlassian option, e.g. if the only feature of premium you want to use is Advanced Roadmaps for the gantt chart style view, is there a plugin that could give you this for less?

User/Agent Count

The next significant factor in pricing differences is user/agent count. This is a bit easier to work out. On Jira Software or Confluence products, pricing is based on the number of users in the system. On Jira service desk – it’s based on the number of service desk “agents”. What is an agent, though?

Agents can typically do the following*:

  • View the customer portal, queues, reports and SLA metrics within a
  • Add, edit, and remove customer-facing and internal comments on
  • Add customers to a
  • Author and edit knowledge base content (with a paid Confluence licence)
  • Manage Organisations (if allowed at the application level)
  • Collaborators, on the other hand, are users holding licences to howsoever
*may vary depending on your particular setup

Customers raising requests via the portal do not need a licence. This makes Jira Service management very cost-effective for use cases where many users submit requests for a small number of people. It is also not just limited to IT services desks, but also HR, facilities, or any team that people send many tasks to.


Atlassian offers two deployment features for their products: Atlassian Cloud and Data Center. The two features differ remarkably in terms of pricing, security, and hosting.

Cloud is the TribusIT preferred deployment option for most clients, providing there is no compliance or regulatory requirements. Atlassian’s focus is now its cloud products, and as a result – it’s where you’ll find all the latest features appearing first.

Data Center is highly configurable and customisable, with built-in security capabilities and no hosting restrictions. However, the licensing model means it is only suitable for larger teams.

What happened to Server Licences?

Atlassian stopped the sale of new Server licence in Feb 2021 and will stop support entirely in February 2024. Anyone still on server needs to start planning their move now. TribusIT can help you decide which product to move to, based on your needs and the size and cost involved in migrating. 

Managing your licence

When you buy an Atlassian licence through a solutions partner like TribusIT, you can speak to a real person who can advise you through the process, rather than a complex online form.  You won’t pay any more than buying directly from Atlassian. Indeed, as licences purchased through Atlassian are done so on a credit or debit card and only in US or Australian Dollars or Japanese Yen, they often incur foreign currency transaction costs. We can offer you invoice terms, and bill you in GBP, paying us via a regular bank transfer, so no nasty foreign currency transaction fee!

What are the benefits if I move my licences to TribusIT?
  • TribusIT can offer expert advice on how best to configure your licences to make sure you’re only paying for what you need. We have found at least one cost saving option for all our customers.
  • We can help you pick which Atlassian Marketplace apps to use, saving expensive and frustrating mistakes.
  • If you have got licences for several Atlassian products, we can analyse your use and offer advice on consolidating these to reduce your spend.
  • Because we are an Atlassian partner, we’re the first to know of new products and additions and determine how they will affect you.
  • We will handle changes to user tiers, products or move from monthly to annual changes.
  • Co-Term your products

When you are ready to get more out of your Atlassian licences, call or message us to discuss your options.